About Nontropolis

As our elders move into care facilities, they live among people with whom they have no shared history. This can result in a sense of alienation. Nontropolis shares global cultural events and celebrations that strengthen community and create a sense of belonging. Anyone is welcome in Nontropolis, anyone can belong to Nontropolis, a place that is nowhere in particular and everywhere at the same time, a place that creator Marcel Baaijens calls home. 

About author Marcel Baaijens

Marcel Baaijens is a creative coddiwompler: somebody who travels purposefully to unknown destinations. The purpose of his coddiwompling is to enrich the lives of our elders and those living with dementia. Marcel is a qualified art and dance educator with over 30 years of international experience. Come and follow him, for he is not tourist, but a creative coddiwompler, travelling purposefully to celebrate life. Click here for more about Marcel's achievements.

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Blog with latest travel stories:

Stay up-to-date with Marcel's coddiwompling by reading the blog (travel diary). Click here or on the image above, or the 'blog' button in the top menu to visit the blog page. You can subscribe there to 'news feeds' so you will never miss the next episode of this adventure. You can search this site by clicking on the red button in the top menu bar.

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Nontropolis Photography

Life can throw its challenges, and that does not stop whilst one is travelling. A camera lens is my portal to the beauty in the world; colours, shapes, compositions, and unique moments in time. It requires a shift in focus from pain, struggle, or ugliness to beauty and harmony. In that sense it can very very transformative and therapeutic. You may not be in a position to take photos at a time when you would like, or need to. Enjoying somebody else's photos can be a good alternative. My favourite images are presented in these galleries. You can order free e-cards, paid digital downloads, and prints. With time many galleries will be added. Click here or on the image above to access your favourite gallery. Enjoy! 

Nontropolis Art

Sketching and painting on location, provides an opportunity to linger, to spend quality time, to connect. It allows for digestion of a locality at a cellular level: from observing through ones eyes, and feeling with ones heart and gut, to the brain and hands onto paper. It gives time to absorb the unique sympathetic vibrations of a place or scene, to connect at a deeper level. This process nurtures the soul, which for me is the importance of art and culture, be it with a lower case, or capital 'A' or 'C'.  The magic is in the creative process, the finished product merely a bonus. You can buy originals or prints that resonates with you.

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Nontropolis Cinema

Film is more than 25 frames per second. When filming I am very much guided by what I hear, such as the sound of a tram squeaking its way around a tight corner in a narrow street. Sound tells a different part of a story. You can expect videos of various durations. Explore this gallery for clips, shorts and downloads. (under construction)

Armchair Travel Resources

Anyone can follow Marcel's coddiwompling via the blog page on this website or the Nontropolis Facebook Page to your hearts content. In addition, activity professionals can download slideshows, powerpoint presentations, and travel documentaries for use with their residents. Visit this gallery for resources and trailers. 

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Activities Resources

Marcel holds a Masters in Art and Art Education degree and has 20 years experience as an art educator. He is specialised in facilitating creativity and art projects for people with low technical skills and/or limited linguistic comprehension. He will develop activities and creativity projects suitable for our elders, based on events and cultures he will encounter on his travels. Downloadable resources for individuals and activities professionals will be available in this gallery.

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Sitdance Resources

Sitdance sessions and courses for aged care residents, including those with dementia, are therapeutic and fun. Marcel produces music, choreographs meaningful movements, and then films tutorials on relevant outdoor locations. Visit www.sitdance.com for more more information and available resources.

Help Nontropolis grow!

Marcel is dedicating his life to develop of meaningful cultural activities for our elders and those living with dementia. He has been on the road since 5 May 2015. It is his objective to keep cost down and make resources accessible and affordable. He is independent and self-funded. On April 10 2017  he steps up to the next level, expanding beyond sitdances by offering armchair travel and activity resources for our elders. He wants to bring the world to those who no longer can leave their residence, and develop sit dances and other activities inspired by the locations he visits. For this he will need to travel extensively. Any support to help him make and survive this this leap of faith will be much appreciated. Click here or on the image above for more.

I love to hear from you!

Write to Marcel! He loves to hear from you. Give feedback, ask questions! Most of all he loves to hear from our elders. Share the love publicly by simply commenting on a blogpost on this site or the Nontropolis FaceBook page. Get in touch privately if you want a visit by, or to meet with Marcel, or help on any shape or form. Hewill reply! You can contact him through the contact form on this website or through FaceBook messenger on the Nontropolis FB page.

Where is Marcel now?

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Click here to read about Marcel's adventures on the blog page.