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Marcel is a Personal Transformation Accelerator.

He offers sessions in person or via Skype.

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Marcel is the creator of  Sitdance.

Sitdance produces seated dance programmes our elders in nursing and memory care homes

Programmes are available in video format for Activities staff

Please visit sitdance.com.



Marcel is the creator of  the Rhythm Beats (dementia) Blues method.

He teaches the method to family members and staff of (non-verbal) people with advanced dementia.

The method facilitates a meaningful interaction and profound connection

at a time when linguistic abilities decline.

Please visit sitdance.com for more.



Marcel creates amulets out of paper and thread, just like the Tibetan monks do.

However, instead of a mantra and mandala chosen by the monk,

a customer gets to choose a personal message, affirmation, or prayer, and the colours.

Amulets can be shipped anywhere.

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Work and travel videos.



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