As humanity evolves, so does consciousness, so does healing.

I love healing and personal transformations.

What about you?


What would it be like?


What would it be like if healing can go faster and deeper,

be more powerful and thorough, 

be more accessible, and easier than ever before.


Why wouldn’t it? Everything else is!

What would it be like if an issue or complaint could be tackled at all levels simultaneously, 

if you could get to the root of an issue or complaint, 

if it could be done (literally) at the snap of a finger?


Now you can!



How does it work?


Imagine you have a bio-computer that stores all information about you, not just your soul’s blueprint,

but also downloaded files that clutter your hard drive and get in the way of your wellbeing and happiness.

Imagine you can find those old files and delete them forever.


You can even clear old files that you forgot about. 

You can clear files of any format, be they emotional, physical, mental, spiritual,

as well as unknown file types.


You don’t need to read, relive, or understand those files again.

You do not need to understand bio-computer code.

All you need to do is become aware of the files and let them go.

Once deleted you will experience a sense of emptiness.

It is painless and harmless.



How can you do that?


You can learn it yourself, like I did.


You can get a bio-computer geek like me to help you.

Allow me to help you transform your life.

Allow me to help you heal yourself.



How can I help you?

Imagine consciousness as the WWW (world wide web).

Through the ‘WWW of consciousness’ we are all connected.

I can establish a connection with you from anywhere in the world.

Therefor I can offer a session in person or remotely using Skype (with camera).


Fee is €20 per session (allow 1 hour).

You can pay in cash or with card.

I believe that healing is our birthright and should not be denied to anyone.

Therefor, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Sessions can be in English or Dutch.



Contact me now to book a session!



About Marcel Baaijens:


Marcel Baaijens is an intuitive, multi-creative, globalite.

He has studied various alternative healing modalities:

Massage 1992-1994, (NZ, U.S.A.)

Holistic Pulsing, 2001, (New Zealand)

Touch for Health, 2003, (New Zealand)

Quantum Touch, 2007, (Netherlands)

Touch of Matrix, 2018-current (Netherlands)


Marcel also holds a

MSc in Architecture (Delft, Netherlands),

M.A.A.E. in Art and Art Education (Chicago, U.S.A.),

and the L.V.C. Folkdance Teacher Certificate (Amsterdam, Netherlands).


Marcel has pioneered multiple innovative art programmes for people with intellectual disabilities (USA, NZ),

and Sitdance programmes for our elders in nursing and memory care homes (NZ, AU, world-wide).

He is the creator of Sitdanceand the Rhythm Beats (dementia) Blues Technique.

Marcel is excited to become a fully trained Touch of Matrix Therapist.

He is a Dutch New Zealander who works globally.