Mother’s Day? In Tilburg they need a whole month!

Devotees have flocked to a tiny sanctuary during the month of May for centuries. They come to reflect, pray, pay respect, commemorate and celebrate Mary, the mother of Jesus, or maybe their own mother, all mothers, or just themselves. Join one mother on her annual pilgrimage to the ancient Hasseltse Chapel in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Please choose HD quality for best playback. Video 5:45 min, Dutch with English subtitles. Created and produced by Marcel Baaijens. With thanks to Henriëtte Peters.





What’s in a name? — Reminiscing Resource 01

Namaste from Nepal,

Names are fascinating. The process of naming even more. Traditions vary from culture to culture, and also depend on religious backgrounds. This is particularly so for the generations that are currently in aged care facilities. This activity resource start with my story about how, and why, I was named the way I am. No doubt that your residents have a few stories to tell as well.

To help the conversation started I have created a list with 21 questions, and some  suggestions that can make this activity fun and informative. It will provide staff an opportunity to learn more about residents, and thus an even better resident centred care.

Since I am a new Zealand citizen, I offer this first Nontropolis resource for free, why? It is a Maori tradition that the first thing you make you give it away. Donations, even $1 will always be greatly accepted, as well as any feedback on how your activity went. I came up with the idea for this resource as I passed through customs at Sydney airport and was confronted yet again with the 5 names in my passport. I started writing while flying from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, high above the Australian Outback.

More resources will follow, including an armchair travel resource about Boudha, short for Boudhanath, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, the location where I am right now.

Click here to download the FREE resource in PDF format.