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Think of yourself as a bio-computer with a hard drive.  You can clear it of blocks and old information that stand in the way of well-being, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. Read more here, or contact Marcel to book a session in person or via Skype.

Sitdance Resources

Take popular songs, add meaningful movements that express the lyrics, film video tutorials on relevant locations and presto: you have a video based Sitdance resource for activities staff. Sitdances activate voice, body and soul of nursing home residents. Click here to visit the website for more.

Contemporary Tibetan-style Amulets

Marcel creates amulets out of paper and thread, just like the Tibetan monks do. However, instead of a mantra and mandala chosen by the monk, a customer gets to choose a personal message, affirmation, or prayer, and the colours. Amulets can be shipped anywhere. Click here to read more and place an order.

About Nontropolis

Nontropolis is the virtual home of creator and globalite Marcel Baaijens. You are invited to enjoy stories, photography, art, dance and much more. The shop offers services, workshops, presentations, and creative products by Marcel.


Enjoy beautiful travel photography by Marcel. Soon you will be able to order free e-cards, paid digital downloads, and prints. More galleries will be added over time. Click here or on the image above to access your favourite gallery. Enjoy!


On this page you will find all videos and video trailers by Marcel Baaijens. Videos about the Rhythm Beats (dementia) Blues technique, Sitdance, and Living Traditions. Videos will be added over time. Click here to see the videofolio page.

About creator Marcel Baaijens

Marcel Baaijens (1956) is a multi-creative. Marcel is a certified dance tutor (L.V.B. Cert.), a qualified architect (MSc., Architecture) and an art educator (M.A.A.E.). He aspires to live in the here and now, be present, aware, connect, inspire and thread lightly on this planet.

I love to hear from you!

Write to Marcel! He loves to hear from you. Give feedback, ask questions! Most of all he loves to hear from our elders. Share the love publicly by simply commenting on a blogpost on this site or the Nontropolis FaceBook page. Get in touch privately if you want a visit by, or to meet with Marcel, or help on any shape or form. Hewill reply! You can contact him through the contact form on this website or through FaceBook messenger on the Nontropolis FB page.

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Help Nontropolis grow!

Marcel is dedicating his life to creating meaningful cultural activities for our elders and those with dementia. For this he will need to travel extensively. He has been on the road since 5 May 2015. It is his objective to keep cost down and make resources accessible and affordable. He is independent and self-funded.  Any support to keep him going will be much appreciated. You can support him by: 

  • telling others about Nontropolis
  • hosting Marcel if you can (check the map on the right to see where he is in the world)
  • donate $1 or more through the shop.