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I moved a stone today...

The words below are an excerpt from a Dutch song.

I moved a stone in a river today
The waters will never flow the same again.

A dear friend of reminded me of this song when I questioned the effectiveness of my work. "Seemingly small shifts or differences may have a profound impact for a lifetime" she said.

Your support, no matter in what shape or form it comes, no matter how insignificant it may seems at the time, will change the course of my life's work, and in turn the lives of all the people that benefit from it. For that I am immensely grateful.

Financial support

If you are in a position to do so, you are invited to support Nontropolis with a donation of your choice. Every dollar counts! You can easily donate through the shop on this site. Amounts are in Australian dollars. Visit this site to see how much that would be in other currencies.

Options to choose from are:

  • Armchair travel class: $1
  • Budget Airline class: $5
  • Economy class: $10
  • Economy plus class: $20
  • Business class: $50
  • First class: $100

For corporate sponsorship and affiliate marketing options, please contact Nontropolis. 

Spread the word!

Word-of-mouth promotion is the best! If you like Nontropolis, the easiest and cheapest way to help is to spread-the-word. Let others in your network know about Nontropolis, even if you think they may not be interested, because they may know people who would be. This way as many elders as possible will get the choice to be part of Nontropolis. Facebook is a good platform to do this. You can 'like' and 'follow' Nontropolis and share the Nontropolis-FBpage with others.

Music and vocals

Copyrights for all music used is Sitdance has to be obtained. Paying for copyrights is extremely expensive and often comes with limitations that do not serve Sitdance. Therefore I create music specifically for Sitdance, so that pieces are the right duration, the right speed, and have notes in the right places that non-verbally communicate to the dancers what to do, when.  The music has to be more than 75 years old, or traditional and have no known authors , or has been granted permission for use before one can create ones own version. 

Sitdance has been very fortunate that quite a few musicians and vocalists have contributed their talents voluntarily. Some music is live, some has been digitally composed and created, some vocals have been combined with digitally composed works.

If you are a musician and or vocalist, a composer, or a LogicProX expert and would like to contribute your talents, then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Marcel is a member of an online hospitality network. Its free to members. It is a fantastic way to meet locals, stay with locals, meet traveller and host travellers. I have hosted many travellers at my home in Wellington New Zealand. The site enables you to create an extensive profile and it has a fantastic reference system that allows you to check out people before you host, or stay. As the name couchsurfing suggests, hosting could literally mean offering your couch for the night.  If I am near you, and you feel like hosting me, do get in touch.


One way of supporting Nontropolis is buying the resources it sells. Keep an eye out for new resources as they become available with time. Some will be free, some will be available for a symbolic fee, others at cost. Visit the shop to see what is currently available.